While the business world keeps on changing and developing, there are principles that remain universally true. The most important one that can make or break a business is: “The right people, in the right place, at the right time, in the right way.” This is the core organizing principle of TransNet. TransNet is an International Freight Forwarding & Shipping Company, established in 2002. We are located in Dubai, UAE, one of the fastest growing cities in the world, and a tourism, trade and logistics hub hosting EXPO 2020. We operate internationally and domestically, using Dubai as a bridge between the East and the West.

Animal Transportation

Live Animals Transportation a unique specialty that requires personalized approach to each case. Usually ‘live cargo’ travels to and via Dubai to other destinations. Safety and wellbeing is a priority that we provide to Live Animals, such as:

  • Exotic, aquarium, tropical types of fish
  • Lizards and snakes
  • Birds
  • Mammals

We provide 24/7 service to ensure that the animals arrive at their final destination without any delay or inconvenience to our clients.

As a part of our AVI solutions, we ensure exquisite transportation service in partnership with Equitrans Company for breeding horses.

Every detail matters in order to deliver animals with precise care and comfort.

Our service include:

  • Air freight
  • Import / Export documentation and customs clearance
  • Health certificates, blood vaccination procedures
  • Delivery to the stable


  • I have worked with many logistics agents and companies in the area and worldwide, and I can say that I’m amazed with the speed and deep knowledge of the industry of Irina Kryuchkova.